Oak Beams

Traditional oak beams can  add interest to your new stove installation.  Our 3 year air-dried oak beams are available in several sizes and finishes. As found in typical old beams, they may have small “shakes”, longitudinal cracks along the grain, which add character but are not detrimental to their strength. The beams will continue drying once installed and the shakes might open to give a more aged appearance. This is a random process where the core of the beam is still drying.  It creates cracks and is to be expected.

Oak beam stock sizes

Available as 150 x 150 mm sections up to 2400mm long.  Kiln dried facia beams 50mm thick are also available.  These can be sanded, sawn and chamfered to your requirements.

Fixing your oak beam

After a number of tragic accidents involving children and falling fire surrounds, the Health and Safety Executive insist that all surrounds are mechanically fixed to the wall. That is; no reliance on gravity, plastering or glues.

If you are using a contractor to install the oak beam it is preferable that they specify the mode of retention as they are carrying the liability for it’s safety.

If you are doing the job yourself we are happy to discuss the matter once we have an understanding of the environment of the intended beam.

Please visit our Manthorpe Slate Contact Us page to get in touch and we will be happy to help.