Standard and Corner Hearths

Please see below sizes for our standard hearths . These are available in Black Italian riven 20mm slate and Black honed 20mm granite. Standard hearths are more affordable than their bespoke equivalent, but should you be unable to find a suitable size we can always make you a bespoke hearth in a wider range of materials.  Please see our bespoke hearth page .


We deliver around the UK by either our own transport or via the pallet network depending on your location.  Rest assured the hearths are always carefully wrapped for either collection or dispatch. It is very, very rare for a hearth which we send out to get broken in transit but should this happen we will offer a no quibble replacement.

Italian riven slate standard hearths

This beautiful slate mined in the mountains of north Italy is a consistent black colour.  With its riven (natural finish) it will withstand a lot of heavy use. After a night using your stove, deposits can build up on your hearth and some creosote type ones are inevitable from wood and cinders falling from the stove. If this happens, a quick wipe off with a damp cloth and a  little oiling and it  will look as good as the day you installed it even after many years.   You can’t say the same for limestone and sandstone! Oiling the slate hearth might sound odd or  raise concern that you will have a smelly sticky mess. It is however a well used method of restoring tired or dirty slate and it is virtually cost free as most people will have a tin of WD40 in their cupboard or garage.  Using WD40 is the best oil as the carrier evaporates quickly and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue. Once you have used it you will never look back.

Honed black granite standard hearths

This, like most black granites, is imported from either Zimbabwe, China or India as UK black granite quarries are non-existent.  The granite is honed to a matt finish and then sealed with a colour enhancing sealant –  any further “sealing” can be done with WD40. The granite is not as homogeneous as Italian slate and has flecks of different materials in its composition. It is a great product if you require a black, smooth surface and is very scratch resistant .

Which Size is right for me ?

To meet building regulations part J, you should have 225mm in front of the stove if it only runs with the door closed and 300mm in front of it if the stove runs with the door open.  In reality, you should really go for a minimum of 300mm or the width of the stove’s door as it travels through an arc, to stop any ashes dropping off the inside of the door when opening it and depositing them on the floor.  You should also have a minimum  of 150mm either side of the stove and ideally 100mm from the back wall to the stove.  The hearth needs to be a minimum of 840mm x 840mm, so at 900mm x 900mm the freestanding or corner  standard sized hearths are more than adequate for the majority of applications.   However, if you are in any doubt it is always best to contact your stove fitter to double check.

Not the right size or material?

No problems, we can help.  If you have a look at our bespoke hearths cut-to-size page we have other slates and granites we can make the hearth from and cut it to your specific size requirements.


Rectangular sizes :

  • 900mm x 900mm
  • 900mm x 500mm
  • 1000mm x 1000mm
  • 1000mm x 500mm
  • 1365mm x 450mm
  • 1520mm x 500mm
  • 1825mm x 600mm

Free standing and corner hearths

Please note the hearths are finished on their edges with a 4mm chamfer as indicated by the bold lines.

TeardropQuadrant D Shape
Square 1Square 2Square 3

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