Exciting news!

Significantly shorter lead times on Cumbrian Green Slate!

We have finally got some news that we have been waiting for!  After significant investment, the Cumbrian quarry is now able to offer a much shorter lead time of 6-8 weeks on their slate.  This means we are now in the position to take orders for slate memorials and manufacture and install them in a much more timely manner.

Cumbrian green slate is sourced from the heart of England’s Lake district and is not only a testament to natural beauty but also a piece of history that spans centuries.  The story of Cumbrian Green Slate begins around 500 million years ago during the Ordovician period. The region that is now the Lake District was subjected to intense volcanic activity, which deposited layers of ash and lava. Over millions of years, these deposits were buried, compressed, and transformed through metamorphism into the slate we see today. The green coloration of this particular slate comes from the presence of chlorite and other minerals.

Cumbrian green slate is a symbol of the Lake District’s natural beauty, geological significance, and cultural heritage. As we continue to use and cherish this material, we are also preserving a piece of that history for future generations.  It is an elegant and timeless memorial material that is remarkably robust and will provide a lasting tribute to your loved one.  Please get in touch with us here at Manthorpe Slate if you would like further information.


Cumbrian Green Slate v-carved engraved on wall at Manthorpe Slate.