House Signs! 24th June 2024

Welsh Slate House Signs

This week we have been busy making some of our beautiful slate house signs. In the world of home aesthetics, every detail counts. From the colour of the front door to the type of house sign, each element plays a role in defining the character of a home. Welsh slate stands out among the myriad of options available for its unparalleled blend of beauty, durability and heritage.

Durability of a slate house sign

Renowned for its rich, natural hues and fine texture, Welsh slate tells a story of geological history spanning over 500 million years! Formed under immense pressure, it is incredibly hard wearing and resistant to weathering. Unlike other materials that may fade, crack or deteriorate over time, a Welsh slate house sign maintains its pristine appearance for decades. Its low water absorption rate ensures it remains free from frost damage, making it ideal for any climate.

Sustainable house sign option

In an era where sustainability is more important than ever, Welsh slate stands out as an environmentally friendly choice. The extraction process is relatively low-impact compared to other building materials, and the quarries in Wales adhere to strict environmental regulations. Additionally, slate’s longevity means it needs to be replaced far less frequently than other materials, reducing waste and resource consumption.

Fully Customisable

Our Welsh slate house signs are highly customisable that allow you to express your personal style. Each sign can be tailored to match your personal taste and home’s architecture – whether you prefer a minimalist look or more intricate detailing, the versatility of Welsh slate ensures your house sign will be a perfect fit!  All our signs here at Manthorpe Slate come with pre-drilled holes and screws. We also offer the option of ‘secret fixings’ where holes are drilled into the back of the sign and resin is used to fix studs into them. These studs are then fixed into holes in the wall or wherever your sign is going to be placed. This option offers an alternative minimalist way of hanging your sign without the screws being visible and is what one customer opted for this week.  Check out the pictures below:

slate house sign showing studs fixed on the back to enable secret fixing      Slate house sign ready to fix to the wall with secret fixings and no screws visible on the front.

You can explore our exclusive range of Welsh slate house signs here and contact us at Manthorpe Slate to place your order!