Welsh Slate Sign – 3rd July 2024

Heckington Windmill bespoke Welsh Slate Sign


Whilst sorting out photos for our website, we came across the pictures below of a slate sign we made a little while ago. The customer asked for a windmill to be engraved on their sign and with this in mind, we used a photograph of the iconic Heckington eight sailed windmill. This was then turned into a line drawing, which we then used as a template for the engraving. The sails were particularly time consuming, but we were very happy with the overall engraved image and the customer was ecstatic when he collected it, phew!

The engraved image on the slate sign captures the grandeur of Heckington Windmill, a cherished historical site in Lincolnshire. Built in 1830, Heckington Windmill is the only eight-sailed tower windmill still standing and operating in the world. Its unique structure and historical significance make it a beloved symbol of the region’s rich agricultural and milling heritage. After a significant restoration effort, the windmill continues to grind flour, maintaining its connection to the past while serving as a vibrant educational and tourist attraction.

Manthorpe Slate’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality are evident in this creation. The engraving process involved precise craftsmanship and state of the art machinery to ensure that every aspect of the Heckington Windmill was accurately represented on the durable and elegant Welsh slate sign.  The windmill was finished with the addition of white paint and the wording, along with the elegant border, was painted in cream.  Also, using the finest Welsh dark blue slate, the sign will probably outlive the house it is attached to!

Slate sign engraved with Heckington Windmill and engraved with the words Schedar The Old Mill


Heckington Windmill that is represented on our Slate Sign

Slate sign engraved with Heckington windmill and the words Schedar The Old Mill with a gold border


If you are interested in viewing more of our slate signs, or finding out more, please visit our Slate House Signs page here, or visit our sister company’s website – Cloverleafsignsandmemorials.co.uk.