21st June – Unusual slate project…

Slate plinth for Bronze Cupid statue!

This week we have been commissioned to do a particularly interesting project! A customer approached us with a statue of ‘Cupid with a Goose’.  Cupid, the Roman god of love is often depicted as a young boy and the goose, in various mythologies, can sometimes represent water. We think he was once used as a fountain and having come to us unable to stand up, we have bronze-welded some studs onto his feet and made a beautiful round plinth, with additional moldings around the outside for him to stand upon. He is molded from Bronze – Bronze has been a preferred medium for sculptures due to its durability and ability to capture fine details. This project combines classical beauty with a touch of
mythology and we are thrilled to bring this vision to life!

Bronze cupid with goose statue standing on round slate plinth with moundings. Bronze cupid statue standing on round slate plinth with mouldings. Bottom half of bronze cherub showing round slate plinth with moulding detail.